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A Tale of Three Finishes

I managed to finish 3 projects by working in the evenings over the last week.  I got to each finish in a slightly different way.

First, I framed my Pine Tree and Acorns sampler.  Every day of my holiday break I stared at the unfinished sampler and wished it was finished.  However, I had no inspirations on how to finish it.  Wall-hanging, no.   Pillow, not really.  Nothing else.  Finally, I thought that if I had a frame I could be done.  I've never had any luck finding square frames.  I ended up going to Nordic Needle and ordering one.  The problem was color.  Black didn't look right.  Neither did green.  Neither did barn red.  I figured I'd have to paint over whichever frame I got (I've done that before) so I picked red because I figured it would cover the easiest.  The frame arrived a few days ago and guess what?  It's more brown then red and the perfect color!  So last night I laced again and again and I think I finally have it centered and straight.  Yay!  Finish number #1.

Next is a woven wall-hanging which is a UFO from a retreat in early October.

It's not my usual project but it was interesting.  At first, I had other items to finish so it just hung around.  It could easily have sat forever but I was determined to not leave anything unfinished.  So, I finished the weaving.  I had the leftover copper wire and wanted to practice making spirals so that was the next step.  A few more weeks passed as I got up the nerve to make the attempt (by the way, I signed up for a basic wire class in a few weekends).  Finally, it was embellished but I didn't know how to hang it.  I was originally thinking doing something with the wire but I used it all.  So, it sat while I waited for inspiration.  Not came.  Finally, I decided to just be done and made a crochet chain out out of leftover yarn and attached it with beads.

Now it's hanging on the wall and I'm happy to say it's Finish #2.

The final finish was very easy.  It was obvious from the beginning on how it would finish - a bias binding of the striped fabric.  The only question was did I have enough of the fabric.  I did.  So, I made the binding and sewed it on. 

The last few evenings were spend hand sewing it to the back.  Yes, it's the hexagons from last weeks ago.  They are now a hexagonal table topper and Finish #3.

What's next?  I have lots of stuff started including a small hardanger that I had to get while I was shopping at Nordic Needle.


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Alphabets are quite popular on cross stitch samplers and there are many decisions to be made when choosing an alphabet.  Upper case or lower case is one decision.  It seems that upper case is most popular.  Using lower case causes all sorts of compications.  Extra space is needed for j, k, l, p and the other letters that extend above or below the main line. 

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The block needs to finish at 33 1/2 inches so each quadrant has to be 17 inches square.

I have a 16 inch square ruler so by using 3 rulers I can tell it's really close to the right size!  Big sigh of relief.

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