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Black and Copper

Another friend has a new kitchen so I had an excuse to make some more practice potholders.
The kitchen is far away and the information I got is black appliances and a copper backsplash.  I didn't want to make potholders that looked like Halloween so I asked if turquoise was OK.  I planned on a few small patches but the turquoise took over.

I'm now making the potholders 7 inches square.  The insulated batting is 22 inch wide and this uses the most of it.  I like fabric scraps, but there's not as much you can do with insulated batting scraps.
This limits the patterns that can be used.  I found this pattern in a book and, after 2 blocks, I really like it. 
I pulled out all my black, blackish, orange, coppery and peachy fabric.  I was really tempted to keep making more of these blocks with the same color scheme.  I resisted.  I have a feeling that if would have kept on going I would end up with 4 blocks that would sit around for years before they were finished.

Interesting Scraps and Tea

Here are some scraps from 2 different fabric projects I have going on.  They almost made it into the trash but they looked so good together.  I think they are going to be turned into a potholder.
They need a tan background and I don't have any tan fabric.  White didn't work.  My lights were all too yellow or too blue.  I haven't made it to the fabric store.
So, yesterday I made a batch of strong tea and dyed some muslin.  It's the perfect background color.

These scraps are from a different project.  An unfortunate math error resulted in blocks being an inch too big and I had to trim.  These scraps are also to interesting to toss.
I'm thinking of a modern looking potholder or smaller wall hanging, depending on how they sew up.
These don't look as good on the dyed muslin.  But, white may work.
Stay tuned to see if I actually turn them into something.

More Tulips and SAL

Ah, the joys of an assortment of bulbs.  As soon as one color tulip fades away, another starts blooming.
Right now these red and yellow tulips are blooming and also some lemon yellow ones are just beginning to flower.
For the Spring Garden SAL I've started stitching.  After doing the center motif about 3 times and not liking the result, I switched fabric.  The linen I originally chose isn't suited for blackwork.

This fabric is more even and tightly woven and the stitches don't disappear.  I also changed the colors a bit.  I swapped out the bright red for a more subdued color (which coincidentally are about the same shade as the tulips now blooming).  I've also made a few tweaks to the pattern as I go along.
I'm notorious for not liking hearts (sorry) and there are 2 hearts coming up.  I haven't decided if I'll stitch them or not.  The instructions include graph paper so I have a feeling I'll be doing some doodling before I get to that section.