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I've been dyeing things blue.  A t-shirt that I don't like (after all, I can't make it worse) and some T-shirt yarn that I cut out over a year ago.  I've learned one thing.  It's easier to dye the shirts and then cut the yarn.  The yarn looks much nicer now, but it was a horrible tangled mess for a while.
Since I had plenty of dye I also decided to dye some threads.  To make it easy, I left the thread on the card (no tangles).  When I took the thread off the card I love the way the card took the dye.

The dye seeped underneath the threads leaving behind a wonderful pattern. 
I'm looking forward to making blue things.

Tulips and a SAL

Last year, my birthday present to myself was some wildflower tulips from here.  It was a very dry winter and tough spring, alternating between above average temperatures and below average temperatures.  There would be a few days of warm and sunny weather followed by blizzard conditions for a few days.  This cycle continued for over a month.  I was afraid the bulbs would die.
But, the tulips survived to bloom.  First where some bright magenta ones that defied photography.  Now there are yellow and white ones blooming.
Tulips are on my mind.  So, as I was finishing up my last project a SAL invitation involving tulips arrived that I couldn't resist.  If you'd like to join it's not too late.
All the supplies from the last project are put away so I've been picking out my supplies for the SAL.  With visions of spring colors I started going through my scraps for some suitable bookmark shaped fabric.  The best I could do was some antique linen so I'm going another way.


Washed Out First Step

I've finished my second First Step.
The first one was in bright yellow, orange, violet and blue.  I like these colors much better.  I'm more comfortable with them and they are more soothing.
The second time around I didn't need to look at the directions as much so it seemed to go faster (except for all the delays).  On the light round I only ran out of 3811.  You use a lot of floss in the light round.  I finally picked some up yesterday and finished the last two squares yesterday evening.

This time around my 3 different values were more further apart from each other and the light band looks a lot lighter than I thought it would.  Even the pale colors show the textures of the stitches.
My next step is to decide how to finish the two squares.  I with I could go down to the store and buy a square frame right off the shelf.  The square is 4 5/8 inches so it's going to be hard to find anything pre-made.
So, I'm also thinking of maybe a fabric frame or a box of some sor…


It seems like I haven't had time to do much stitching and I haven't finished anything recently.
Well, here's something small.
I got to go through a yarn box from a friend of a friends mother.  The yarn wasn't very exciting but I found a kit to make a suede scissors case.  It was old enough that the instructions were done with a typewriter.  There was no date and the only name was Sandesigns. 
Someone had started the butterfly but I ripped it out and started over since the stitches were not done with an even tension.
Looks like a quick project, doesn't it?  It took me over 3 weeks.  But that's working a little bit every few days (or once a week).

Luckily the finishing was quick and easy:  Just some glue. 
Now, lets see if I can get something else done!