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Using up Bugle Beads

To use up some bugle beads I searched for bracelet patterns and found this one.
The top bracelet mostly follows the pattern.  I noticed that I had some seed beads that matched the bugle beads.  So, for something different, I replaced every 4th bulge bead with 5 seed beads.
I love the result and as I beaded I thought of the possibilities.
When I finished I immediately started on bracelet #2 (the bottom one).

This time the bugle was shorter so I only needed 4 seed beads to replace one.  And, instead of a matching seed bead I picked random seed beads out of my bead soup.  (See the top picture on this posting).  I also left off the drops.
Like the toggle bead on the bracelet #1?  It came from a trunk show of Humming Line Beads.

This was a quick and easy bracelet pattern and I recommend it if you are using up beads.

Gingerbread Men

I've been working on felt gingerbread men on and off for a month now and they are beginning to pile up.
Only 3 more to finish and then I'm done.

I ran out of brown felt, otherwise I'd probably making more.
I'll just have to move on to something else next, like trees.


I've been making bags.
This is the Vintage Modern Bag from Moda Bakeshop. It's the most complicated bag I've attempted and the directions made it easy.

And this is the Sock Sack from Atkinson Designs.
I have a few more bag patterns that I'd like to try.  Since I seem to be on a bag roll maybe I'll do them next.

Harvest Biscornu

Just as fall as arriving I've finished my harvest biscornu.  I didn't mean to be seasonal but this was the next project in my queue.
I've been wanting to fill my sewing basket for a while and these were the colors it needed.

These were the colors I decided upon originally and they go perfectly in my basket.  But, while I was stitching, the colors didn't feel right to me even though they are all over right now.

As soon as I finished I pulled out some white fabric and lighter brighter colors and have started another one.  I guess I'm not ready for fall and winter and am looking forward to spring already.
This pattern is for sale at Patternsonline.