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The last 2 blocks and the tops are done!

I needed 2 more blocks to finish the gray version of the quilt.  I ended up making simple 9 patch/half square triangle blocks.  One is the yellow block in the lower left.

Here it is closer up.  When I made the half square triangles I had the red fabric going the wrong way so you are seeing the backside of the fabric.  So the red in the triangles is a little lighter than the red in the center.  It wasn't worth redoing.

The other corner has a blue block and I managed to get the front of all the fabrics showing.
So, here's what it looks like almost complete.

And here's the blue version of the quilt.

I've got the backing and the batting for the gray quilt (the backing is in the washer now) and I'm working on the thread to use for quilting and how to quilt it.
They are too big for me to free-motion quilt.  I don't have the space.  As it is, quilting with the walking foot will be a challenge.  These tops deserve some fancier quilting.  But, first I have some basting…

Not Diamonds

This is the block I made up to replace the appliqued diamond block.

It didn't have a name until I saw it in the camera viewfinder.  It looks like an earring so its the Earring block.

Another section added and the quilt gets a bit bigger.  It's another bad day to get indoor photographs.
Just the side panels to go!


I've got the sashing laid out for the last 2 side panels.  Different lengths and widths make preparing it time consuming but it's finally ready to go.  I'll have to be careful to keep all the blocks in the correct order and I'm enjoying simple piecing again.

The bottom panel looks good - I got that sewn on earlier today.

For the other version of the quilt, I'm not going to be doing the diamonds.  I've made up another block in the same size: 9 x 17 but I haven't even picked out the fabric for it yet.  I'll do that once I get the blue quilt together.

Both quilts are getting bigger.  I'm running out of space to lay them down and I'm having a difficult time getting a picture without my shadow and without chopping off blocks.

I'm looking forward to being able to take them outside.  But for now I'm stuck inside.