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Felt Trees

More ornaments are done.
These were inspired by the green beads that came off a T-shirt.  The T-shirt was just too sparkly so I took all of them off one day. 
They've been sitting in a bowl on my desk since.  Determined to get rid of the bowl I turned them into ornaments where the sparkles are more appropriate.

Next, I need to get to some cross-stitched ornaments.

A Change of Seasons

After I finished my Harvest Biscornu I wasn't quite happy with the fall colors and was thinking spring.
So, I actually stitched another one - this time with spring colors.
Now the biscornu is brighter and more colorful - just what I was looking for. 

It's also slightly bigger.   Hmmm, and I thought both fabrics were 28 count.  I must start labelling them better and test the count before stitching.

Luckily the spring biscornu doesn't have to fit in a specific basket.
I always seem to end a post with something else I'd like to do.  But this time I think I've had enough of this pattern and I'm no ready to run off and try it again.


I've been making stuffed animals using up scraps.  The backs are old sweatshirts.  The stuffing is cut up scraps of quilt batting.  The felt, however, is new.   All my felt was boring so I got a pack of bright colors.

It's been hard to keep everything together.  I found a missing eye on a stack of papers.  But, only after I had made a new one.  Several beaks were lost, never to be heard from again.

It's been playing with the facial expressions.  The more cross-eyed you make an owl the more irritated it looks.
These are for the craft show at the beginning of November.

Gift Boxes

I needed to make small gifts for a group.  Not wanting to stitch the same pattern again and again right now I turned to origami.
It's been years since I've made any boxes and it turned out to be fun, not a chore.
These boxes are from Tomoko Fuse's book Joyful Origami and I used 3 inch squares so each box is under 2 inches across.
I used up some fancy old origami paper that I may have had for over 20 years.  When finished the boxes looked so colorful all lined up.

In fact, wouldn't they make a great quilt? I'm tempted to go out and buy fabric that mimics the paper and start stitching.  I have so many other projects going on that that will have to wait.