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Eyelet Heart

This is the same pattern as the Smyrna Cross only using eyelets instead.
I stitched and finished using pastels to remind me that spring is coming soon.

Same pattern + different colors and stitches = totally different look

Smyrna Heart

I was taking pictures outside because the light is better.  I stopped and came back and was struck at how absurd the card lay propped up next to some dead plants.
Up close, it looks better.

Here it is even closer.

The big stitch is a Smyrna Cross (or Double Cross) and it's my new favorite stitch.  It is a cross stitch with and upright cross stitch on top of it.
It's done here with DMC Color Variations thread and I love the subtle color changes.  I also love the texture that the stitch brings to the finished piece. 
I am imagining a landscape done mostly in Cross Stitch with the Smyrna Cross, and possibly other stitches, used to give it more dimension.  I wonder if I'll ever get around to it.
The Smyrna Heart pattern is for sale at Patterns Online.

Painting Aida

I'm making bookmarks.  I could fill the bookmark form with stitches but I decided to try something different.  I stitched the heart outlines coloring book style and filled in with paint.
I'm using acrylic craft paint and watering it down.

The paint acts like watercolors and runs outside the lines but I like the effect I'm getting.
Here's the finished bookmark.

I let all the colors run together.  It's bright and colorful. 
Now I'm thinking of painting landscapes and then adding stitches.  Maybe someday ...

57 Flying Geese

I have finished another milestone on my next quilt.  57 Flying Geese!  Actually, I have a few extra since I create them in batches of 4. 

I started these during my Christmas break and got most of them done.  I was relaxed and refreshed and determined to keep up the momentum during the new year.  It didn't happen.  The last of the flying geese took about two weeks to get made.
Luckily I only have 2 more blocks to sew before I start assembling the top.  Maybe this weekend, maybe next.  Maybe the weekend after.

The Square of Seasons

I'm continuing work on a mystery band sampler.  To make things more interesting, I'm stitching 2 x 2 squares instead of 2 x 6 bands.  Most have been geometrical and easy to scale down.

This one was a challenge as it included motifs for all four seasons and used up every bit of the 6 inches.  I had to be selective about which parts of the designs I used.  I think I captured enough of each season to make my square work. 
The season band was designed by my friend Pat who is starting the year with a creative endeavour with her daughter.  They are posting patterns all year long using various needlework techniques.  The first one is an embroidered Valentine's Day princess and is available here.
I can't wait to see what else they come up with as the year progresses.