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Subtle Embellishments

I'm working on a mystery needle case (that isn't really that much of a mystery - I recognized all the clues).  It's with the Stitchmap group.
The front and back are embellished fabric - whatever you want to use.  I picked this piece of dyed Aida cloth.  It was from a dyeing class years ago (the dye job wasn't to even).  I think it was an onion dye.  I cross-stitched the applique style flower on it years ago.
For embellishments I attached shell beads with seed beads.
For the back, I found some white cloth dyed during the same class.

This fabric was tie-dyed.  I added some old white rayon rick-rack and seed beads.  I wanted some embroidery so I borrowed a flower from a vintage doily.

It was quick and easy and worked well with the other colors.
I wanted to be done by now but I'm falling behind on the assembly part.  So, more on that later.


This is May.  The grass is green and wildflowers are blooming.

This is July.  Most of the grass is dead.  A hailstorm two weeks ago has caused it to start greening up again.  I'm ready for the afternoon thunderstorms to arrive.

Doll Quilt

This quilt is smaller than it looks - each pinwheel is just under 3 inches across.
This is one of a collection of unfinished blocks I had.  One year I had a plan to make a different block every month and at the end of the year I would make a sampler.  It would have been a great idea if I had followed through with it.
My new plan is turn some of these blocks into something.  I still had some of the background fabric so I added some stripes to two sides to make a rectangle.  Then I quilted and bound it and I was done.

That's the fastest finish I've had in a while.


Recent events have been distracting.  My brain turned off and I didn't touch any of my projects for days.
As the feeling faded I picked up a new project.  Actually, from the date stamped on the linen, an old project.  The copyright is 1975.
No thought is required because it is all charted out.

I'm finding the process enjoyable.  Especially once I started adding in the second shade of green.
I can't wait to get to the bright pinks.

Now my mind is beginning to turn.  Could I sketch out my own design on linen and satin stitch in the colors.  Hmmm.  I have a small selection of needlepoint wool.  That would be a great way to use it up.  Maybe a mountain scene.  I think I have the right colors.
In the meantime I'll get this one finished up.  There's a form where I can send away for a matching frame for about $4.00.  Do you think they still have any available?