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A late Valentine's Day Card

Good news - I'm ready for Valentine's Day - next year.  I didn't quite get done in time.
For a simple finishing I turned it into a card.
First, I made a fringe by trimming to 3/8 inch from the stitched border and removing all but the last thread.  This can make a mess.

Next, I took a heavy white thread and sewed it down on a piece of card stock. The running stitches between the stitched border and the remaining thread are nearly invisible.

All that's left is to turn it over and sign it.
On to the next project!

Chasing Holidays

That's it.  A valentines day sampler.  I started months ago and haven't made much progress.  The border isn't even complete yet.
But, I wasn't in the mood for red when I started.  Now I'm not going to get it finished in time.  Ugh!  It seems like I'm always chasing one deadline or another.  Sometimes I make it and sometimes I don't. 
Well. I've got to go and get stitching.  When I'm done I'd better start something for Halloween otherwise it won't get done on time.

A Touch of Spring

It's cold.  It snowed over the week.  I'm longing for spring.
So, I needle-felted some flowers.

Ah, I feel much better now.  Except for the finger that I jabbed with the needle.