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Cutting up Shirts

I've tackled a growing stack of old T-shirts by turning them into yarn.  I followed this tutorial.
I still have a stack of sleeves and the upper portions to turn into rags - but they take up less room.
I've also been looking for patterns for knit bags and have found a few possibilities.

I've got patterns and a bag of yarns.  When I'm ready for my next knitting project I'll see how the yarn knits.  I hope I have enough for a bag or two.
My next cleanup project is to tackle the pile of old jeans.  When they are all cut up I'll have more than enough for a quilt.

Flowers Together

The wildflower parts of last weekend are now stitched down.

They look more like flowers now.

The echo quilting makes them jump off the fabric.
Now they are ready for binding.

Flower Parts

I've been cutting out flower pieces.  Last August I appliqued some Harebells.  I wanted to do a bunch of other wildflowers and somehow never got around to it.  That's what new years are for - getting back on focus.

This time I'm working on Mexican Hats and Penstemons.  Right now it looks like flowers have exploded in my quilt room.  These flowers have a lot of smaller pieces so I'm not sure how they will quilt up.  I do know that they will definitely need the stems to give them some shape.  That's next.

Looking at the scattered remains of my morning session I'm getting ideas form more quilt blocks.  Some of the shapes created by cutting out the flower shapes very are interesting.