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X Ornaments

I finished round 2 of Christmas Ornaments getting to use a lot of different threads.
They are simple squares - scraps of leftover linen - backed with felt.

I enjoy playing with different color combinations.  Some are subtle.

And others are bolder.  All with the same pattern.

Don't ask me which ones I like best.
Next, I'm going to give most of them away.  And then start round 3.  Finish up some ornaments that I didn't finish last year.
Like the pattern?  It's for sale at

Last Minute Quilting

It turns out to be a good thing that I had an unquilted quilt top laying around.
I decided it would make a good early Christmas gift to be delivered at Thanksgiving.  Otherwise a quilt would have been impossible.
So, I put everything else aside and quilted like crazy and I've got it done with half of the weekend left.

Now, on to other projects.

ornaments - 3 small and 1 big

I've finished the first batch of ornaments for the year.  They are all from this year's Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue.  Usually I pick one or two to stitch.  This year I went overboard and did four.

This one turned out too big to be an ornament.  At 35 count it was an ornament.  At 28 count it isn't.  I wasn't paying attention to the instructions, just using materials I have on hand and it got bigger and bigger. 
I was thinking of leaving the border off but then I looked in my frame collection and found the perfect frame.  I actually increased the border size to make the stitching fit into the frame better.  The border as designed isn't even so I figured no one would notice if I made it even less even. 
One of the snowflakes is supposed to be asymmetrical but I didn't notice in time and I made it symmetrical.  Oops.

Then I ran out of the brown floss. Double oops.  I could have found a close DMC and finished the last two stitches but I left it as is.  Another r…