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It's done.  The nine-patches have been squared up.

I have a huge pile of scraps and I'm getting ready to assemble the blocks.

Polka Dot Nine Patches

I have 20 old nine patch blocks.

The dots are red blue and black.

The blocks are nearly see-through and they are not very square.
I purchased them at an antique store years ago.  Instead of them living in a drawer I want them to be used.  There is just the right number of blocks to make a lively border for my 30's quilt.
I'm going to have to some work to make the usable but I think the result will be pretty.


I've been lucky enough to get out into the mountains some during the past few weeks just as the aspens reached the height of color.

I was able to walk along the Colorado River kicking up dead cottonwood leaves.

And hike in a rain of golden aspen leaves.  Living in a pine forest I don't get to rake and play in the leaves like I did growing up.  So, in a way, I was a kid again.
I've been enjoying it because it will not last long.  Sure enough, I woke up this morning to snow.  Sigh.