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Blocks 25, 26 and 27 - Baskets!

Next up are 3 baskets  
My first problem was the handles since it seems like a lifetime ago that I last did applique.  I don't really enjoy applique and usually avoid applique patterns.  But, the basket blocks look great so I must.  The raw edge fusible method which is the easiest doesn't really go in this quilt.  If I had more blocks to do, I would probably do machine applique but for the 6 baskets I decided to go by hand and it actually went faster than I thought it would.  
I know that I'd done freezer paper applique before but I forgot the details so I found Kim Diehl's Simple Applique which walked me through the steps.  I prepared the freezer paper applique using her methods but hand stitched instead of machine.  For the handles, I hand drew the shapes knowing that they wouldn't be perfect.  But, the originals weren't perfect either.  Each handle has it's own personality.
The first basket I'm cleverly calling Basket 1.  It's 9 inches square.


Blocks 23 and 24 - More on the Diagonal

The next two blocks are set on point and finish to 10 inches.
The first very similar to the 25 patch I did earlier except that it is on point and has 41 pieces!

It is pieced exactly the same way except for the triangles at the edges.  The original block had white with red polka fabric in the center and edges and I managed to find a similar fabric.  Notice how the light squares are different fabrics?  The original quilt was the same way.  I think it makes the finished block more fun.  In the original, all the fabrics were white with different spot patterns.  Most of the reproductions that I found used a cream or ecru background and I wish that I had found more whites.

I really had fun with the modern version.  I used some of the black dots that I found that weren't right for the traditional block and kept the same color placements.

The next block is very similar and looks like it would be easier to piece.  It wasn't.

It's called the Album block.  Imagine a whole quilt with…

Blocks 21 & 22 - More triangles

I'm continuing on with blocks for my sampler quilt with blocks with the Hens and Chicks unit (or similar units).  Both blocks are 10 inches.
This block is called Old Maid's Puzzle in EQ7.  When I search online I find this block and a simpler pattern with the same name.  Here's a web page with some fun color combinations and quilt ideas for this version of the block.
I like the way the block turned out, but once again, I had poor stripe planning and have the upper left and lower right corners marching in a different direction. Grrr. The block I am copying has 3 different plaids in it.  Finding plaids has been a challenge and this block has the only 3 plaids that I could find.  At least I found 3.

My brighter version of the block has no plaids and no stripes so there were no worries getting it pieced.

I couldn't find a name for this block but I'm sure I could if I looked long enough.  It is the same as the Square in a Square from early on with fancier corners.  So, …

Blocks 19 & 20

The blocks are getting more complicated.

The next block I'm calling Square in a Square in a Square in a Square.  I'm sure there's an official name for it.  It's a 10 inch block.

Block 4 of this quilt is a simple Square in a Square.  This is the same concept only more triangles.
This is the first of 2 blocks in the quilt that have writing so the center is muslin.  I edited out my inscription which is why it looks dirty.  There are actually 3 blocks that could be used for inscriptions. The other 2 will be coming along later.  Here's the block in the other colorway.

The next block uses a unit called Hen and Chicks. There are 2 of them in this block.  The chick is the small black triangle surrounded by red and the hen is the bigger triangle.

I remember seeing Eleanor Burns making this unit on a Saturday morning Quilt in a Day program and being amazed at how she simply made the unit.  For some reason that was filed away in my brain and was surprised when I actually foun…