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Whimsical Christmas Cards

Here are this years Christmas Cards.
They are similar in technique to the cards I made last year but I was a little more random this year.
I used mostly a watercolor scribble drawing cut up into pieces.  There are also bits of other colored papers.

This year they are all different.  Some are trees and others are random patterns.  They all have random scribbling.

Playing with Fabric

Here is the striped fabric I used for my potholders (taken indoors with a flash).  It looks very different cut up and sewn back together.
I knew I was going to be making potholders but I'd like to make more quilts using this method. 
I couldn't resist playing with the blocks before sewing them into potholders.  Here is one of my favorite layouts (taken outside in the shade)

I tried about 5 or 6 layouts.  Most were variations of the traditional log cabin layouts.  Here's another favorite:

Luckily I have enough fabric to make more squares.  I don't know if I'll be lucky enough to find another striped fabric this fun. I did buy all they had (2.5 yards) and I have looked for more without any luck.  I do have more stripes so I'll probably end up making do with what I have.

Quilted Domino Potholders

Yes, that's correct.  Quilted, not knitted domino potholders.
They are made of one randomly striped fabric sewn into half-square triangles.  When the fabric is lined up carefully, the resulting squares have the same look as the knitted domino squares.  The best part is opening up the individual blocks to see what pattern emerges.

I've got the binding finished on 7 of the 9 squares and then all that is left is to sew on the loops.
After that they will be sent out as Christmas gifts.  Except for one or two for me.

Stashbuster Scarf

Hopefully I'm going to be using all these mini-balls of yarn.
I've been practicing knitting domino potholders all year and I'm now ready to knit a domino scarf.

I haven't knitted much yet but it has been fun and addictive.  I'll plan an evening of cross-stitching and the next thing I know I'm knitting.    Luckily, each square goes quickly and then I can move on to my other projects.
It's calling my name now.  Must resist!

Wool Ornaments

I've been finishing these wool ornaments.
I started them back in July and then put them aside.  They are overdue to be finished  All that is left is to add a hanger, a backing and perhaps an edge trim.
Let me back up a little so you can see all of the ornaments.

It is fun to not have a pattern.  I just mix up stitches and colors however I feel at the moment.  Then I add beads.
I was experimenting with a burlap like fabric for the backing.  It worked very well except that it kept slipping out of the Q-snap frame I was using.  A wooden frame may have worked better. 
For the final finishing it was very nice.  I was able to fold it back easily, unlike canvas, and have no trace of it showing at the edge.
A little more work and these will be ready to hang.

Knitting Bunnies

I've been knitting bunnies!
The free pattern can be found here.
They are fun to knit and will make some great stocking stuffers.
It was hard getting them to cooperate for the pictures.  First, it was too cold and they refused to go outside.  So, I set them up next to a sunny window.  Well, it wasn't sunny enough and the flash went off and blinded them.  Bad Move.

After a few seconds blinking they scurried off and hid.  I had to round them up again and they were even more uncooperative.
They closed their eyes, made faces and then one tried to moon me!

They are cute so I have to put up with all their tricks.

Knitting Stripes

Here are some of the potholders I've been working on for the last few months.
They are from the book "Domino Knitting".   This batch is all stripey.  For the first two I changed colors by changing the yarn.  For the last one (on the left) I used some self-striping yarn.  The effect was not quite what I was expecting.  I really like the border and I'm going to used it in other projects, I'm sure.

But, this washcloth is the way to used self-striping yarn.  It makes the simple design look fancier than it really is.  And, no ends to weave in!