Friday, June 8, 2012

Depression Lace

The current Piecework Magazine has an article on Depression Lace - something I'd never seen before.

The project is an apron that didn't appeal to me but I still wanted to try the technique.

Depression lace is normally stitched on gingham using the grid as part of the pattern. 

I stopped at the local quilt store and they didn't have gingham.  I looked through every bolt to find one with a suitable grid and ended up with this red fabric.  It's not traditional but it worked.

I've stitched two so far.  Each with very different thread colors.  You can't tell, but the main thread above is a silver metallic.

I think I'll be making these into ornaments.

I'm going to be looking for more gridded fabrics and trying lots of color combinations.

Here are some other instructions.  The stitches are different but the effects are similar.  I incorporated the running stitch into my second try, which wasn't used in the Piecework design.  I'd also like to try the woven circle stitch.

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